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Jorge Teixeira: "I can be proud is the way of my carreer goes"

Image courtesy of Jorge Teixeira
Jorge Teixeira is one of the example of Portuguese talents have not really had a chance in Portugal, but getting complete an interesting career abroad. After playing in Cyprus, Israel, Switzerland and Italy, in a few months it does in Belgium.

Interesting central defender, will be one of the players to watch in the next game against Sevilla FC, Then I show the interview:

What is your assessment of the season in Belgium?

This season till now individual has been a very good season , i made most part of the games with one goal and one assist till now , playing in this such big club with such fanatic supporters is not easy and i could get adapted very fast to this club to the league and to the style of football. 

Collective the team is not corresponding to the value of the players belong to the squad , we had some delays at the beginning of season , important players left and the replaces late arrival so i think all of that complicate a lot our squad and now we trying to fight back and hopefully better days will come.

You have a significant international experience, how do you rate your career?

One thing i really can be proud is the way of my carreer goes, i played in lower divisions in portugal and i saw i was not having the oppurtuniry as many players want and wish to play in first league of portugal , so i decide to risk and give a hard step to move to Cyprus a far diatant country when i was young and imature yet.

With work and lucky also i could pass this step and i move to Israel an country where i loved to be there and still love , all the people there are amazing and still have some fruenda overthere also one word of apreciation to that fans of Maccabi Haifa where i also had the oppurtunity to play Champions League for first time, honestly one of my best times as footballer were passes there .. After i had an offer of Zurich a big club in swiss and playing champioks league and me as a player have the dream to comeback to europe .. So i sign 4 years there where i could achieve the trophy of swiss cup winner.

Meawhile i was one year on loan to siena italy where i had the oppurtunity to play in such big league with top level players , the experience was amazing and also i play most part of the game a during the time i was on loan .. This year i sign contrat here where im very happy and proud to be , its a big club in Belgium and Europe and have the top consitions that all players want. Hope be here some more years.

For many Portuguese players is difficult to have an opportunity in their own country ...

Portugal is well know by the qualify players and there is a lot playing in lower divisions , unfortunately in portugal the clubs don´t see like that and many players need to take a chance outside of Portugal and wherever they go they make good image and they are all respect ..

Coming soon will play against Sevilla FC, ​​what do you think about the match?

Game against Sevilha FC will be very tough , we all know that they are a big team in Spain and Uefa winners so they all favoritism in the group but at the pitch we standar will give our best to steel some points to them and possuble to win as weel. Sevilha have quality players as Reyes or Bacca or Mbia and top portugueae players as Beto, Carriço or Figueiras so it will be fantastic to play against them and see my friend Carriço again !!

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