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Fábio Paim: "I´m happy to be back and play again as well as for the affection that I´m receiving"

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"Fábio Paim is a talentous player and a great person with a big heart. Unfortunately, mentality of Portuguese football is going in a different way and this contributed to complicate his career. In any case, I do believe that he still has a chance to succeed as a footballer". These are words of Ricardo Nascimento, formerly of SC Braga, Montpellier, FC Seoul and Trofense, among others.

It is not understandable, but career of Fábio Paim, had no continuity at the professional level as it was supposed to be according to his early beginning at Sporting and even Chelsea. 

After that, once he finished his education, he became a great player with an enormous talent. He played not only in Trofense but also in another Portuguese clubs like Tourizense or Paços de Ferreira and and even Angola and Qatar. 

Having announced its commitment to FC Mosta, Malta league, it looks like it can be a perfect destination for Fábio Paim to feel important and  take advantage of this moment to achieve the success he deserves. Personally, I agree with Ricardo Nascimento, that he is still young and certainly is on his hand to earn his place. 

Next, we go on with the interview:

News of his arrival in Malta has  surprised to many people, how do you feel after choosing this destination? 

I feel very good. I'm working hard, which is what I must do during all the season because I have been out of professional competitition for a long time. Thanks God, I managed to get to a club to help me regain fitness and willingness to play.

These are good news. Does it mean that you want to recover your position in the Portuguese football? 

I feel strong to play in Portugal, but I do not think the talent is such an important issue as having good relationships ... In any case, this is how football is in my country, and I'm working hard and doing what I like. 

But happy, right? 

Sure!!, I'm happy, not just to redevelop my profession, but also to have met people that are being very generous and good with me.

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