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Bjorn Maars Johnsen: "My companions make my job easier"

Bjorn Johnsen, Algarve champion in 2013-14, is still one of the surprises of the Second League. In fact, it is the best scorer of the II league in Atlético CP, he has scored six goals in seven games. 

He also has experience in Spain (Atlético Baleares, Antequera and Ubeda). Born in North Carolina, has Norwegian nationality, and thanks to a major physical (195 centimeters and 80 kilograms). And it has a very strong collective sense, we can read it in their words:

What feelings do you have at the start of the season?

My feelings are pretty much joy and overall happy because since the star of preseason i saw we had good team, especially with our new additions, with Jorg
e (Gonçalves), Ibrahim, Dady, Quinaz..

Was a big surprise seeing these kind of players come to the club. Beacuse these guys make my job easier and making me able to score.

Then, were you surprised this success so quickly?

It was not a surprise because i know my abilities but was a little weird because normally would need some time tu adjust to the new league and players, but i went perfectly so i can´t complain.

What do you remember of your time in Spain?

My memories were great from Atlético Baleares. Was a amazing club and so many great players like David Sánchezm Cristian Portilla, Pandiani, Jesus Perera...I learned a lot from them.
Even if i didn't play as much was an amazing experience to learn and grow as a player in a difficult league.

In conclusion, what goals do you have for the season?

My goals this season are just to keep growing as a player and enjoy my football with my great companions at the club and try to reach the top 6 before the Christmas break, as well as score more and help the team of course.

I will focus on our team goals for the season and see the results and benefits for me personality later.

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